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Spiral Headshots

Who Are We?

Here at Business Headshots Miami, our photographers help business people and corporate companies improve their image with stunning headshots that are designed to create a better first impression, which will therefore help boost profile reputation. We also inspire and motivate actors, models, dancers and musicians by creating beautiful portfolios which will enable them to find work within the industry.



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Why have head shots professionally taken?

Whatever line of work you are in, if you are promoting yourself, you need a great headshot. More than just a flattering photograph, a great headshot is a powerful tool for making people remember you. This is because facial recognition is wired deeply inside every human mind. It is very much to your advantage to provide a headshot that people can identify with and remember you by.

Our Goals

Professional Hair and Make Up

We understand that for a photograph that will be used to represent you in your business you want to look as natural as possible. We have professional hair and make up artist on hand to deliver all different levels of make up from natural to dark and smokey depending on what you are looking for.


From traditional white, to elegant black, or more modern grey we’ve got the monochromes covered, but if you would like to spice up your background with a deep red or chill it out with a metallic blue we have the back ground for you. We offer over 40+ back ground choices and many natural light scenes at our studio in Midtown.


The camera and lighting bring out a lot of details differently than how your eyes see them. Some poses, while flattering to the rest of your body, might make another part look larger than it really is or cause a crease in the skin, etc. We use the latest and best technology and techniques to fix these issues.

Our Skills


The BHM Experience

Our clients choose BHM because of the experience. The experience we have, and the experience we provide. We are one of the few photography studios that take the time to shoot an unlimited amount of shots, up close, mid and long shots, both in studio and out in natural light. We then spend the time with you to show you through the shoot on a 27

Pose Coaching

What you see with your own eyes and even what you see in the mirror is not the same as what the camera sees. The camera sees your poses much differently than how you perceive them to be. Our photographers are experts at coaching you into poses that, albeit may be awkward in real life, look amazing for the camera. We take many images in different poses so you can decide what is the best look for you.

Wardrobe Guidance

When you are preparing for your photoshoot we suggest that you bring 6-8 different outfits with you to our studio. Although we may not have sufficient time to shoot all of the outfits our photographers will help pair your outfit with the perfect background color and lighting. An outfit that you may have thought was your least favorite can turn out to be the perfect one with the right color combination and lighting set up.

Mobile Photostudio

We understand for a business how inconvenient it is to coordinate all of your employees to leave the office and have their head shots taken at our photo studio. Let us bring the studio to you! We can bring up to 4 backgrounds of your choice, our studio lights, up to 2 photographers, and a 27in viewing computer to view the images right there on the spot. Prices depend on many factors so please contact us for a custom quote.

“Look so good that they can't ignore you.”


Our Pricing



  • 1 Hour
  • 2 Outfit Changes
  • Several hundred images to choose from
  • 1 Airbrushed and Nip Tucked Digital Image



  • 1.5 Hours
  • 3 Outfit Changes
  • Several hundred images to choose from
  • 2 Airbrushed and Nip Tucked Digital Images
  • Professional Hair and Make Up Included!
  • Each Additional Retouched Image $49



  • 2 Hours
  • 5 Outfit Changes
  • Several hundred images to choose from
  • 10 Airbrushed and Nip Tucked Digital Images
  • Professional Hair and Make Up included
  • Each additional Retouched Image $39


The Works

  • 3 Hours
  • 6 Outfit Changes
  • Several hundred images to choose from
  • 12 Airbrushed and Nip Tucked Digital Images
  • Full DVD of All Your Images
  • Professional Hair and Make Up included
  • Each additional Retouched Image $29

Some fun facts

Most people don't know what goes into operating a successful photostudio. Here are some figures to give you a better idea what's happening behind the scenes with our team in a regular year.


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Cups of Coffee


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Hours Retouching


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